Detroit Tech Is The Future


On the heels of Backstage Capital’s  announcement to launch an accelerator for startups led by underrepresented founders, the venture capital firm has selected its fourth location. Backstage Capital decided on three of the cities ahead of time and held a public vote to determine the fourth. Well, the results are in and Backstage Capital has landed on Detroit, Mich. for the accelerator’s fourth location.

“It’s a rising standout for entrepreneurs in the Midwest,” the firm writes on its site. “Innovation and technology in the city are booming, and Detroit startups are attracting capital from Silicon Valley as well as local investors and government.”

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May 1, 2019 - These 10 Women Are Driving Detroit’s Entrepreneurial Growth

Ecosystem Support

Olivia Guterson, AfroTech Organizer

In addition to those women working to increase Detroit entrepreneurs’ access to capital and talent resources, there are women leaders in the community who strategically work to support the region as a vibrant hub of innovation. One of them is Olivia Guterson, who organized the first ever AfroTech conference held outside of the Bay Area. AfroTech’s mission is to support the black tech community, and after attending its San Francisco conference in early 2018, Olivia strategized to host the event in Detroit just a few months later. A community builder, former startup employee, and artist, Olivia is on a mission to leverage Detroit’s strengths to make it the black tech capital of the country.


August 16, 2018 - AfroTech: Could Detroit Be the Black Tech Capital of the Country?

The lack of inclusion and diversity in the tech sector is a national problem, but it feels especially acute in a city that is 83 percent African American. However, there are many hardworking people and organizations in Detroit committed to making change and increasing inclusion. On Saturday, Detroit is set to host the first AfroTech conference held outside of the Bay Area to celebrate and spotlight the city’s black tech community. Olivia Guterson, who organized AfroTech’s Detroit conference, says she’s pushing for nothing less than the Motor City becoming the black tech capital of the country.