| Detroit Home Studio | 2018

| Detroit Home Studio | 2018


My art is the tangible release of my ancestral patterns. Within me are my family lines and energy patterns steeped in hardship and trauma, but also great resilience, strength, joy, and power. I come from a long line of womxn standing up and forward. Recalling patterns and handwork typically attributed to womxn, my work emerges from commotion to conclude in consuming, intricate, yet delicate scenes. Collapsing and displacing negative energy as a means of healing and reclaiming self is core to my art practice. With black ink, there is no going back.


Midnight Olive (Olivia Guterson) is a Detroit-based creative and community organizer. Deeply influenced by the textures, landscapes, and patterns of her upbringing in the Southwest, as well as, her Jewish and African heritage; her work focuses predominately in black and white for its stability, intensity, and honesty. She has always been moved to create and has cultivated an obsessive style of line making and pattern working that emphasizes the delicate beauty and balance of the human hand. Her work tends to focus on the contrast of black and white; busy and still; quiet and loud. Things are more than they appear at first glance. Everything is ephemeral.

Art Babes is an intersectional feminist art collective based in Detroit, Michigan. For over two years, Art Babes has been dedicated to fostering supportive spaces for femme creatives to engage in their practice, share resources and ideas, and promote their artistic expression. As a collective, we engage the community through artist talks, live drawing sessions, and group art shows.